Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pamper yourself this valentines

Seen as it's valentines on Friday I felt like I should do a post for those who want to spend a night in pampering themselves :) 

Step one - light a lovely scented candle (my choice, Yankee candle Snow In Love). If however you don't want to leave a candle unattended you can just light it later.  

Step two - put on some seductive lighting (just to set the mood of course). 

Step three - assemble your favourite bath/shower products (I tend to prefer showers but that's just me). 

Step four - take a long, hot, steamy shower or bath (come out feeling fresh and clean and smelling yummy if like me, you apply Soap and Glorys sugar crush body buttercream). 

Step five- return to the room where you lit your lovely candle and it should have the room smelling gorgeous at this stage! 

Step six - get into the cosiest pyjamas you own (in my case a Cookie Monster onesie, please don't judge). 

Step seven - pick your favourite movies and get some goodies from your kitchen. 

Step eight - cuddle up on the sofa or in your bed and enjoy :) 

Step nine (optional) - invite others to join you :)

Hope you like my valentines night in suggestion :) Have you any valentines plans this Friday ? 

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