Saturday, 26 April 2014

Leibster Award

The Liebster Awards is a fantastic chance for new blogs to get noticed and given recognition. The blogs have to have less than 200 direct followers on their blog to be considered. I want to say a big thanks to for the nomination. It really humbled me that my little blog has been nominated :-) 

Anyway (get on with it Sarah), rules are as follows: you have to share 11 facts about yourself, receive 11 questions given to you to answer, then you have to nominate another 11 bloggers with under 200 followers, and ask them 11 questions also. 

My 11 Facts:
1. I have the biggest sweet tooth, a huge chocolate fanatic! 
2. I have (wait for it...) five dogs.
3. I am due to graduate college this year, this is actually my last week.
4. This is probably a well known fact but I'm a make up junkie. 
5. I adore America, such an inspiring country. 
6. I REALLY want a Micheal kors bag (it's on my birthday list). 
7. I love to dance. 
8. I have an obsession with smurfs, minions and olaf from frozen. 
9. My favourite TV series is sex and the city. 
10. I love animals, I volunteer at the DSPCA. 
11. I have an in built need to travel and see the world. 

My Answers:
1. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
"I can't say I can afford much designer fashion at my age but if I had to pick (mainly from watching sex and the city) I'd have to pick Dolce and Gabanna". 

2. Who is your favourite shoe designer?
"Favourite shoe designer would have to be Christian Loubotin, every girl needs that special red soled shoe". 

3. What is your dream handbag?
" I think this was one of my facts that I long for a Micheal Kors bag".

4. How long does it take you to do your makeup for a night out?
"To be honest I really enjoy putting pn y make up so I'd leisurely do it in about an hour and a half". 

5. What is your favourite hair-do?
"My favourite hair do is a lovely thick ponytail (unfortunately I've really thin hair)". 

6. Do you have a preferred colour you like to wear? 
"I don't really to be honest. I like to change my style all the time so I never really stick to one colour. At the minute I am loving anything and everything mint". 

7. What is your go-to lippy?
"If we're being strict about the term lippy I'd have to say the Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake". 
8. What is your favourite perfume?
"My favourite perfume is actually a mans cologne, the Abercrombie and Fitch cologne".

9. How would you describe your style in 3 words?
"Changeable, expressive, unique". 

10. Who is your style inspiration?
"I don't really have a style inspiration, I just know what I like and as I said I tend to try a lot of different styles".

11. And finally, what country have you always wanted to visit and why?
"China because I've always had a deep interest in Buddhism so I'd adore to visit all the wonderful temples". 

My Nominations:
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2. B the Make Up Junkie -
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5. Is it just Meme -
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11. Chatterbox -

My Questions:
1. What's your all time favourite blush?
2. What's your staple clothing item in your wardrobe ? 
3. What's your favourite dessert ? 
4. What's your guilty pleasure? 
5. Have you or have you ever wanted a pet?
6. What made you start up your blog? 
7. Name a make up product you currently want to buy? 
8. Do you want to become a professional make up artist ? 
9. What inspires you ? 
10. What's your favourite store to buy clothes ? 
11. Name your favourite designer item (make up, clothes, shoes etc)? 

Good luck my wonderful nominees!

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