Sunday, 30 March 2014

Current Empties- Products I've Used Up Recently

As you may have guessed this post is all the products I've used up in the last couple of months. First up is the LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER. It took me longer than expected to use up this cleanser. It was their smaller tub which contained 45g of product. I mainly used this cleanser on days when I needed a more thorough cleanse (when I had a full face of make up on). 

The cleanser is really a cleansing balm, which at first is quite thick and then as you rub it onto your face it dissolves slightly into a liquid. You then remove the remaining cleanser with a damp face cloth or with a muslin cloth. 
I really liked this cleanser, I felt it definitey removed any trace of excess make up left on my face and it it left my face feeling fresh and cleansed. 
Best thing about this cleanser is that it contains 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty free. 
The only issue I have with this cleanser is the smell, not a huge fan of it! Other than that it's a good, affordable cleansing balm :) 

The second product I have recently used up is the TRESEMME HEAT DEFENCE STYLING SPRAY (sorry there's no picture of this, I threw it out without thinking). I don't really have much to say about this product except that it smelt fresh, as far as I know it protected my hair from heat and the bottle (don't know if it's just my dodgy bottle) nearly drove me insane! 
The spray nozzle would constantly get stuck and wouldn't spray and then it would decide to drip out all over my floor so needless to say I was happy when this product ran out! 

The next product I've used up is the NO7 STAY PERFECT PRIMER. This is an oil free primer that feels smooth on the skin. I felt that this primer did help my make up to last better for longer and best of all it didn't block my pores. 

The final product I used up is the SIMPLE EYE MAKE UP REMOVER. This was an affordable, gentle eye make up remover that done the job and never irritated my eyes like other make up removers have. I think I'll definitely be repurchasing this one!  

So that's all the products I've used up recently, takes a lot longer than you think to fully use up products (which is good I guess). 

Have you used up any of your products recently ? 

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