Thursday, 30 January 2014

YSL touche éclat - silk for your face

YSL touche éclat had been on my wish list since I seen it raved about by many beauty gurus on YouTube. I eventually gave in and bought it when I saw it for 26€ (which was a bargain as it normally retails for 35€) on my flight back from Paris. 

The product itself is a Yves Saint Laurent classic with yellow gold packaging. The product looks and feels is YSL after all :) 

Touche éclat is said to be a complexion highlighter but I have seen people use it as a brightening concealer. I got shade 1 (luminous radiance) which is a pink shade, great for under eye circles. 

Touche éclat really does have something different. It's a highlighter but has some coverage to it which really gives the skin a radiant, luminous and flawless complexion which does last for at least eight hours as it claims. 

The product is a click pen applicator. A few clicks and the product comes out. You then sweep the brush where you want to apply it. I generally apply it in a triangle shape under my eyes to brighten them, a dab on my upper lip to enhance my lip size and sometimes I apply it along the bridge of my nose. 

This product is a little expensive, as I said, I was lucky enough to get it on my flight for a reduced price. However I will say, this product really is a luxury make up product! The texture of it felt silk like, it was lovely and creamy and blended like a dream! 

Though I think what I like most about this product, is that there's no crazy sparkle to it like a lot of highlighters I've used. Rather, the light reflecting particles in it are so fine that it gives a very subtle highlight making the skin look naturally flawless. 

This was my first YSL product and most definitely not my last! Let me know in the comments what your favourite YSL product is :) 


  1. i got to try this out in store but i wasnt immediately sold. i think it was the SA though, she laid it on quite thickly and it sort of caked up during the day. but it sounded so promising.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Did she put it on over your own make up ? I'd only use one or two clicks max for my whole face so she probably did apply it a bit too liberally if it caked up on you. Such a pity she put you off cause it really does feel and look great on x