Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My guilty pleasure - boohoo.com

Everytime I don't go out shopping I feel so proud that I'm not spending money but now I've found a seriously guilty pleasure of mine that's costing me money without even leaving the house...online shopping! My main addiction is the boohoo website. Over the past year I've ordered so much off this website, I feel like I have to share my love of it with you all! :) 

Although it's costing me a fortune, every single item I order off this website is worth it! All the clothes fit me just perfect! I'm especially a fan of their dresses, they fit so nice (hugs all the right places!). They have such a lovely range of prints and they cater for all sizes. Here's some of my favourites. 


Another weakness of mine is ordering their jumpers! They're so snug and come in so many different shapes, colours and materials. The prices aren't too bad either! Shipping is very reasonable and it's free shipping at orders over €25.


I did have one mix up with this website over Christmas when I ordered a dress which unfortunately became unavailable due to high demand. However the website was fantastic in dealing with this and gave me 30% off my next order plus a full refund. 

I know this is a bit of a ramble but this website really is becoming a staple place for me to shop and I just wanted to share this gem with you all :) 

This post was not sponsored, all opinions are completely my own. 

Happy shopping :) 

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