Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review of bourjois radiance reveal healthy mix foundation

Bourjois Radience Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation

I (like most beauty fanatics) have been searching constantly for the perfect foundation. I dare say I may have been lucky enough to find it.
I have dry skin and tend to get dry flaky patches around the edge of my nose and sometimes on my forehead (attractive, I know) so when looking for the perfect foundation my skin needs a foundation that's moisturising and doesn't cling to my dry patches.
Getting to the actual subject of this blog post....the bourjois radiance reveal healthy mix foundation. I had read good things about this for a while now and I had high hopes for this foundation.

When i first put the foundation on I noticed it had a slightly fresh scent to it (I normally don't like scented foundations but this was quite a refreshing fruity scent). I applied the foundation with my fingers, it went on really smoothly and it blended superbly. The foundation felt very light on the skin and did feel quite moisturising. The foundation gave my skin a radiant glow (something my thirsty skin has always longed for) whilst still providing good coverage.

I've worn this foundation many times now and I can most definitely say that the staying power is also fantastic. I even wore this foundation during a dance class and it was still looking as good as ever after it. The foundation itself claims that it lasts for 16 hours....I'm not sure about that but it is a very long lasting foundation that lasted me all day (8 hours approximately).

The best thing about this foundation (could it really get any better?) is the price. Given that this foundation is moisturising, superbly blendable, long lasting, provides good coverage and makes the skin luminous and glowing it comes as shock that the price is very affordable. Retail price is approximately €13.99/£9.99.

Unfortunately the only bad thing I have to say about this foundation is that the shade range is quite limited. If you have very pale or very dark skin you may find it difficult to find your perfect match. I am very pale and got shade 52 (the lighter shade 51 was impossible to find) which is too dark and slightly too yellow for my skin tone.

If, however you are lucky enough to find your shade in this foundation and have dry, thirsty skin like mine, which longs for a moisturised and radiant complexion, this foundation is for you :)

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